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3575 Schuylkill Rd.(Rt. 724) 
Spring City, PA 19475
 Swedeworks Automotive LLC ® 3575 Schuylkill Rd (Rt.724) Spring City PA 19475

Swedeworks Automotive is a full-service independent repair facility specializing in VOLVO cars. Formerly of Kimberton, we are now located in Spring City PA just minutes from Phoenixville, Kimberton, Chester Springs, Trappe, Royersford, Pottstown, and Collegeville.

Swedeworks Automotive was founded by two factory trained Volvo dealership technicians with over 25 years of Volvo experience. We saw a need to provide a more personalized service experience while providing honest, high quality repairs at a more reasonable cost than the dealership. Unlike our competitors, the owners are still working on vehicles and dealing with customers on a daily basis. Our entire staff has over 45 years of Volvo repair experience and can handle anything on your Volvo car from maintenance, tires, oil changes, and state inspections to the most complex electrical issues and everything in between.

The General Repair Shop:

Todays modern cars and Volvo cars in particular are very complex and difficult to diagnose, repair, and maintain properly by general repair shops that work on multiple car brands. The vast majority simply do not have the experience, special tools, diagnostic equipment, or factory training required to repair or maintain Volvo cars accurately. We have seen it too many times over the years. This was a major motivator for Swedeworks Automotive.

The Dealership:

Swedeworks has two main advantages to the customer when compared to the dealer while providing the same quality of service.

1) We are less expensive. We do not have the overhead associated with a large dealership and are more than happy to pass that along to our customers while still providing the same high quality service. We are factory trained and use the same VOLVO special tools, diagnostic system, and OEM parts the dealership does. 

2) There is no motivation to "over sell" work that may or may not be needed. Unfortunately this practice goes on way too often at dealerships and repair shops that employ technicians who are paid on a "flat-rate" or 100% commission basis. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our customers by only recommending work that we feel is needed to preserve the safety, integrity, and longevity of the vehicle or to address a customer's specific concern. That is our promise and we feel very strongly about it.

      Monday-Friday: 7:30am-6:00pm  
      Saturday: 9am-3pm
      Sunday: Closed

Email: info@swedeworksvolvo.com
Swedeworks Automotive LLC is an independent repair facility specializing in Volvo cars. We are not affiliated with Volvo or Volvo Cars of North America.
As recommended by VOLVO and likely printed on your oil cap. Swedeworks exclusively uses Castrol engine oil and OE oil filters. We believe Castrol to be superior to other oils thus giving your VOLVO car the best chance to reach 300K miles and beyond. Both are more expensive, which is why most other shops including some dealerships, use cheaper oil and almost all chains and "quicky lube" shops use cheap Made in China filters.  We absorb the added expense because we feel it is best for your VOLVO to use an OE oil filter and a high quality engine oil.

Going somewhere else for oil changes? 
Ask them what brand of oil and filter they're using. Cheap oil and filters causes sludging, oil pressure issues, oil burning, and will shorten the life of your engine. We have seen it many times. We perform an oil service, which includes topping off all of your fluids with proper Volvo fluids. Stay tuned for our display of oil filters used by competing shops that are malformed, disintegrated, and are virtually all stamped "Made in China" not to mention all the rounded off / stripped / left loose drain plugs, damaged oil filter housings caused by improperly trained technicians that don't have the proper tools, and fluid levels not topped off or topped off with the wrong fluid. All oil changes are not the same!!
Why all oil changes are not the same....